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Legacy Of Innovation

marmon wasp car When it comes to having a legacy of engineering innovation, few American companies compare to Marmon-Herrington.

Early 1900's — Machining excellence made for fine and fast cars

truck World Wars I and II – Pioneers in all-wheel drive

The Great Depression drastically reduced the luxury car market, so the Marmon Car Company joined forces with Arthur (Colonel) Herrington, an ex-military engineer, to design all-wheel drive vehicles.

The new company, Marmon-Herrington, procured contracts for military aircraft refueling trucks, 4x4 chassis for towing light weaponry, and from the Iraqi Pipeline Company for what were the largest trucks ever built at the time.

In addition to large commercial and military vehicles, we recognized a growing market for moderately priced all-wheel drive vehicles. This demand gave birth to the Marmon-Herrington Ford. The installation of commercial truck chassis to all-wheel drive is the primary focus of our company today.

1970's, 80's and 90's – Becoming a global leader in all-wheel drive solutions
In the early 1960's, Marmon-Herrington was purchased by the Pritzker family and became a member of an association of companies which eventually adopted the name The Marmon Group.

For the next several decades, Marmon-Herrington continues its legacy of innovation with new proprietary axles and transfer cases for a wide range of applications such as military, forestry, mining and construction.

Marmon-Herrington Today
Marmon-Herrington offers a full-range of durable axles and transfer cases for trucks and specialized vehicles, along with OEM solutions and installation kits.

In 2008, Berkshire-Hathaway purchased a majority stake in Marmon Holdings, including the Marmon Group and Marmon-Herrington. We welcome the nod of confidence and keep driving forward.

Innovative design, advanced engineering, quality components and unparalleled service remain the company's hallmarks. drive train